Gang and bored imps

level 5 bored imp on the right; level 7 gang imp on the right

Basic InfoEdit

Bored Imps are found in Forest of Tides along with Gang Imps. The Bored Imp is level 5, with 90 HP, and the Gang Imp is level 7, with 123 HP. These mobs travel in a pack of 3, 1 gang imp, and 2 bored imps. They attack rapidly but weakly, and have no associated license.


This is one of the harder parts of the Level 1-10 section of the game. The player must survive rapid attacks from 3 mobs, many potions are needed and its usually not worth killing this group until level 8 or 9, or have a higher level player help you. When killing this group, pick off the bored imps first, they have lower HP so will die faster, reducing the damage dealt on you per second, then kill the gang imp. This will require you to use tier 1 scrolls and have some sort of armor on.

Monster CardsEdit

The imp drops 2 different monster cards;

  • Imp: a C-Ranked card that gives no title.
  • "The Forest Spy": a C-Ranked card that gives no title.


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**Coming soon!**

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