Level 4 imp

Basic InfoEdit

Imps are found in Forest of Tides and Sand Beach. They are level 4 and hit low melee damage. Imps have 67 HP and have an associated license.

License InfoEdit

This license has 3 tiers, and provides no critical bonus when completed.

  • Imp Killer: 3 kills
  • Imp Executioner: 6 kills
  • Imp Eliminator: 9 kills


Imps are fairly simple to kill, just use your skills and the fight will be short.

Monster CardsEdit

The imp drops 2 different monster cards;

  • Imp: a C-Ranked card that gives no title.
  • "The Forest Spy": a C-Ranked card that gives no title.


"OK,'re right...I'm too ugly to be a fairy."


  • Low quality dusts (spirit, gem, soul)
  • Low quality spirit's nectar
  • Low quality magic crystal
  • Unopened cards (yielding the above)
  • Tier 1 enchantment gems

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