Level 8 king crab

Basic InfoEdit

King Crabs are found in Forest of Tides (F3) and Sand Beach. They are level 8 and deal low melee damage. King Crabs have 351 HP and no associated license.


King Crabs are suprisingly simple for being an elite mob. They do no special attacks and only deal minimal damage if in level 8 armor. No buffs or pots should be needed for this kill, unless you are a mage or archer.

Monster CardEdit

King Crab drops 2 monster cards:

  • King Crab: an A-Ranked card that gives no title.
  • "The Crab in the Sand": an A-Ranked card that gives the Beach Keeper title.



  • Leather (Low Quality)
  • Bone (Low Quality)
  • Meat (Low Quality)
  • Beast Dogtooth (Low Quality)
  • Beast Leather (Low Quality)

Armour and WeaponsEdit

  • Moon Magic Staff
  • Cursed Tooth Earrings
  • Solar Eclipse Chain Shield
  • Solar Eclipse Hard Leather Pants
  • Solar Eclipse Chain


  • HP Potion (Tier 1) (2)

Jewelry Edit

Cursed Tooth Earrings (The chances are pretty low)

Ring of Chaos (The chances are pretty low)

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