New players in Roumen

Map InformationEdit


Map of Roumen, numbers explained below.

Roumen is the first major city in Iysa, and is the spawn point for new characters. This city is most populated by levels 1-20, this being because the blacksmith and skill master sell level 1-20 skills. From this map you can reach: Forest of Tides, Sand Beach, Forest of Mist, Sea of Greed, Elderine, Sand Hill, and Secret basement.

Teleport GateEdit

The teleport gate is a teleportation gate that allows the user to teleport to 4 locations for free, these locations are: Roumen, Elderine, Forest of Mist, and Sand hill. This special gate can be used anytime after level 10, and its the only one in Iysa.


The lighthouse located in the southwestern corner of the map is the home to 2 other maps, Sea of Greed, and the Secret Basement. The Secret Basement is a meeting spot for high level players (90-105) that are doing the Leviathans Nest instance dungeon.

Northern mapEdit

This is the area where you will find slimes and mushrooms, these should be the first mobs you need to fight in Iysa, this is the only spot with mobs in Roumen, but they make a great grinding spot till about level 5.

NPCs and MobsEdit


  1. Element Helper Remi: Gives new players advice.
  2. Healer Julia: Sells HP and SP stones.
  3. Furniture Shop Owner Forest Tim: Sells furniture for your estate.
  4. Skillmaster Ruby: Sells skills for levels 1-19.
  5. Blacksmith James: Sells level 1-15 gears and is a spot to enhance your gears.
  6. Weapon Title Merchant Zach: Sells a few low level licenses, can register titles on weapons, and attach enchantment gems.
  7. Grandpa Robin: Random NPC, gives quests.
  8. BattleZone Gatekeeper: Can teleport you to Free Battle Zone 1.
  9. Guild Item Merchant: Sells special guild tournament items that can be bought with guild tournament tokens.
  10. Guild Master Brom: You can enter an academy, create a guild, manage your guild and more here.
  11. Ancient Templar Maria: Random NPC, gives quests.
  12. Town Chief Roumenus: This is Roumen's Chief, you can join kingdom quests by talking to him.
  13. Storage Keeper Raina: Stores your items.
  14. Vietree: Lets you change your characters appearance with a Beauty Coupon.
  15. Item Merchant Pey: Sells a random assortment of items.


Slimes are level 1, and will not draw aggression on you unless you attack. They use melee and hit fairly low.

Mushrooms are level 2, and will not draw aggression on you unless you attack. They use melee and hit fairly low.

Surrounding mapsEdit

From Roumen you can go to: