Level 3 speedy slime

Basic InfoEdit

Speedy Slimes are found in Forest of tides and Sand Beach. They are level 3 and hit low melee damage. Speedy Slimes have 47 HP and have no associated license.


Speedy Slimes introduce the idea of controlled aggression, meaning more will attack after you have begun to kill one. Due to this fact, it may be smarter to kill them from a distance, to avoid being swarmed. Their low defense and damage will mean fast kills, preventing much harm to yourself.

Monster CardsEdit

The speedy slime drops 3 different monster cards;

  • Slime: a C-Ranked card that gives no title.
  • "The Highland Slime": a A-Ranked card that gives no title.
  • "The Slime Attack": a S-Ranked card that gives the Warrior of Roumen title.


"Tell me about yourself, I'm curious."


  • Low quality meat
  • Low quality leather
  • Unopened cards (yielding the above)
  • Tier 1 enchantment gems

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